Terms and conditions

PhonoLogix is an online platform that provides a variety of online services to the Users for speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, behavior therapy and counselling.

Enrollment: Once the assessment/consultation is complete, the schedule and payment for the sessions will be discussed with you and a therapist will be assigned to you. Once the number of days and timings are confirmed, the payment for the sessions are to be made.

Payment Policy: All payments are to be made 100% in advance before the commencement of the sessions. Session/ package payments should be done minimum 24 hours in advance of the planned session. This time window is needed to make necessary arrangements for starting the program. Enrolment for our services is confirmed once the payment is done.

Payment Method: We accept paymnet via online payment gateway.

Therapist Allotment: Phono Logix ensures that each of our therapists are well qualified and well trained to provide quality services. Once a therapist is assigned, you will have to work with the therapist to meet the goals of your child. If you have concerns regarding the therapy sessions, you are welcome to discuss your concerns with the therapist and subsequently (if needed) discuss it with the Directors.

Frequency of sessions: Based on the requirements of the client, we will suggest the frequency of sessions. Session charges will vary according to the frequency of sessions. In case the client desires to increase or decrease the frequency of sessions any time during the therapy cycle, the charges per session will be revised accordingly.

The outcome of therapy may also vary if the recommended frequency is not followed.

Session timings: We do not support changes in session timings which is decided at the time of enrollment. In case there is a genuine reason, we will require 3 days prior information for the same. We cannot however guarantee that your preferred alternate slot will be available.