Parent coaching Program

In the case of children below 3 years or children with disabilities like ASD and ADHD who have difficulty cooperating during online sessions, we recommend our parent coaching program. Our popular home-based Parent Implemented Intervention (PII) program is designed to promote the overall development of the child through a multidisciplinary approach that includes Speech, Language and Communication Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Behaviour Therapy and Counselling.

The parent coaching program includes:

  • A tailor-made goal plan (Individualized Education Plan or IEP) is prepared for the child based on an online assessment.
  • Strategies along with different activities for achieving each goal in the goal plan that is prepared by our team of experts. The goals may include speech and language therapy, functional communication, gross/fine motor skills, cognitive skills, academics, social-emotional skills and sensory needs.
  • Training the parents by a dedicated professional who will provide step by step guidance for each goal through video calls.
  • Coaching the parents on ways to make the child more compliant.


  • This is a holistic program that targets all developmental domains.
  • This type of intervention program can be used in situations where a centre-based therapy or online therapy is not possible due to various reasons including the recent pandemic.
  • Parents have more opportunities available for meaningful interactions with the child in real-life situations.
  • This method of therapy, where parents are equal partners, can be an ongoing process in a comfortable environment for the child.