Online Speech Therapy from the comfort of your home

Online Speech Therapy and Early Intervention to give your child a better start

Are you a parent or caregiver seeking support for your child’s communication development?

Look no further! Introducing Speech Ally – Empowering children’s communication.

Introducing Speech Ally, our digital platform that helps children achieve their communication goals faster.


Benefits of Speech Ally

  1. Speech and language therapy is possible from 1 year of age
  2. Easy-to-use interface for parents to guide their children
  3. 1000+ culturally relevant activities and games for repeated practice at home
  4. 100+ video tutorials for parents to help carry over the skills to real-life situations
  5. Customized dashboard with structured goal plan and suitable bite-sized activities to achieve each goal
  6. Activities designed with a clutter-free layout considering the limited attention span of young children
  7. Ensures minimal and interactive screen time
  8. Regular tracking of progress

Explore Activities on Speech Ally

Is your child’s speech and language development on track?



Speech Therapy in multiple languages


Early identification and intervention from as young as 1 year of age


Parent training to ensure frequent practice and carry-over of skills


Evidence Based Practice


One-on–one sessions with certified and experienced Speech Pathologists proficient in teletherapy


Digital platform, Speech Ally with a customized dashboard with monthly goals and engaging games/ activities/video tutorials assigned to achieve each goal.

How to get started?

  1. Book a consultation
  2. A Speech Pathologist is matched to the child’s needs.
  3. An assessment is carried out using standardized tools and observations
  4. A customized dashboard is created
  5. Live online sessions are conducted for the child & parents
  6. Parents are trained to use the platform
  7. Progress is tracked

Online Therapy For

  • Speech Sound Disorders/ Unclear Speech
  • Speech and Language Delay
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Down Syndrome
  • Learning Disability
  • Stuttering/ Stammering
  • Voice disorders
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Feeding and swallowing difficulties
  • Aphasia
  • Dysarthria

Early identification leads to early intervention


My daughter was not speaking any words even at 2 ½ years. We tried taking her for speech therapy nearby, but our late working hours were clashing with the therapy timings. The speech therapy program at Phonologix has been a huge blessing for us. Ms. Swathi assigns whichever activities are done during the online sessions on a digital platform. We make her practice these activities during our free time. The schedule for practice is very easy to follow and my daughter is very interested in doing the activities on the laptop. Thank you team Phonologix.

Reena Bansal, mother of 2.5 year old, Delhi

My son Hamdan has been attending online speech therapy sessions from Phonologix since the past 4 months. Recently they introduced a digital platform where activities are assigned by his speech pathologist. Hamdan loves to do the activities and is always happy whenever we make him practice on the laptop. The activities are short and simple. We have noticed that with the frequent practice schedules given, he is learning new words much faster.

Mustafa, father of 3 year old, Bahrain

Very good service by Phonologix. We are happy that our daughter has improved her speech clarity. The activities provided online were very interesting. We recommend this service to all.

Drishti Joshi

mother of 7 year old, Delhi

I had breathy voice since a few months and the doctor suggested voice therapy. I am a teacher and I have to talk a lot during the day. I took voice therapy with Phono Logix. My speech therapist guided me with various exercises to improve my voice and also how to take precautions while talking constantly.

Richa Malhotra

42 year old, Delhi

When my mother had a stroke and had difficulty in speaking, we approached Phono Logix for online speech therapy. Her speech clarity has improved considerably. She is very comfortable with the therapist. She is given tasks to do at home and regular follows ups are done to make sure she practices. I would recommend Phono Logix for their dedication and expertise.

Roshan Abraham


My son has been attending speech therapy with Praveena ma’am since the past two years. When I was expecting our second child and was finding it difficult to bring him to the center, she suggested online therapy for him. Even though I was skeptical initially, it turned out to be such a blessing. We could continue his therapy and he made tremendous progress. He communicates in sentences now and I’m really grateful to Phono Logix for providing online sessions for him.

Veena Gopal

Mother of 6 yrs

When our son was diagnosed with autism, our doctor referred us to Phono Logix. We were very confused and did not know what to do. The therapists at phono logix guided us well. We started speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions online. We were given small tasks regularly and the activities were demonstrated to us.They made sure we understood why we were doing each activity. We really appreciate their effort in helping us.

Himanshu Aggarwal

Father of 3.4 years old, Delhi

Excellent services. Very knowledgeable team. I am taking the parent coaching program from Phonologix since 5 months now. Ms.Elizabeth and her team have been very helpful in guiding me step by step on what activities to be done with our daughter. When my child refuses to co-operate for activities, their very practical tips come in handy. I highly recommend this program for young children.

Selina James

mother of 2-year-old, Kochi

My daughter Avika started talking very late. Everyone advised play groups but due to covid there were no options. That’s when a friend recommended group therapy sessions conducted by Phono Logix. They have small groups of 3-4 children and lots of fun activities to encourage children to communicate. My daughter got adequate attention and very soon her speech improved. We are very grateful to Elizabeth Ma’am for giving us support at the right time.

Ashima Sarkar

mother of 5.4 year old, Dubai

My daughter who has Autism had just started speaking in single words when the speech therapy Center closed due to covid.  I was very worried that all the hard work  of the past months would be wasted.  We were advised to take online sessions.  We are really happy with her progress through online sessions. She has started speaking more now and we realized that she knew many more concepts than we had assumed earlier because she was unable to communicate. We highly recommend Phono Logix for speech therapy.


mother of 4 year old, Chennai

My 6 year old son, who is hearing impaired is taking online speech therapy sessions with Elizabeth Ma’am since last August. I see tremendous improvement in his speech clarity and listening skills. He has learnt so many new words. Ma’am insists on practice at home and gives lots of activities to do at home. We recommend Phonologix for their customised therapy program for children.

Asha Mahesh

mother of 6-year-old, Gurgaon

My son has stammering and we had no centres nearby in Shillong for speech therapy. We started online therapy sessions with Phonologix. He is very shy and takes a long time to adjust with new people. But Namita ma’am made him so comfortable that he is now very eager to attend the sessions.

Collette Hansepi

mother of 5.5-year-old, Shillong

My son has been struggling for many years due to stammering. He took therapy from different centers when he was younger, but they didn't help much. We got the reference of Phonologix from a friend. Their therapy sessions and counselling were very helpful.

Amit Kumar

father of 14 year old boy, UAE

Thank you Namita ma'am for being very patient with our son.  He has worked really hard only because of your motivation.  His speech clarity has improved so much. He is very happy to attend the sessions.

Jayesh Krishna

father of 6 year old, Noida

Skills we address

Language skills

We work on understanding and expression of spoken and written language

Speech production

This includes eliminating pronunciation errors, improving speech clarity and improving motor planning for speech (Articulation Disorders, Dysarthria, Apraxia of Speech)


We work on disorders like Stuttering (stammering) and Cluttering and our therapy involves reducing disfluencies and developing smooth speech

Auditory skills

We provide Auditory Verbal Therapy for children and adults with hearing impairments who use hearing aids or have Cochlear Implants.


We work on improving voice quality, pitch, and loudness. We also provide Vocal hygiene Programs.

Social communication skills

We provide individual and group sessions for developing social skills required to effectively communicate in different social settings


We use alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) to develop functional communication which supplements speech

Feeding and swallowing

We address difficulties with sucking, chewing, swallowing and other skills required for food intake, reducing aversion to different food textures


This involves the muscle strength and dexterity as well as endurance required for writing tasks

Gross/fine motor skills

This includes balance and coordination, posture and manipulating small things using fingers which can improve activities of daily living

Sensory regulation

This involves strategies that use the senses to regulate the body and addresses issues with sensory stimulation and hypersensitivity